YouTube boxer Logan Paul responds to call-out from Conor McGregor’s teammate

Logan Paul has fired back at Conor McGregor ‘s teammate Dillon Danis after he promised to beat him and brother Jake in the same night.

Danis was in talks to fight Logan’s brother Jake in 2020, but a knee injury forced the MMA star to withdraw from the conversations and Paul went on to pursue a fight with ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley instead.

A multiple-time world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Danis is 2-0 in MMA but hasn’t fought in three years. His career has been plagued by injuries but he is still interested in making his boxing debut, recently writing: “Send me any boxer you want, just not one you want back.” Logan has since mocked him for the claim by simply replying with a clown emoji.

Danis caught onto his reply and asked to fight both of Paul brothers and Jake’s coach BJ Flores in the same night. “Give me the Paul sisters and B*****b Flores in the same night and I wouldn’t even break a sweat,” he wrote.

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Logan and Danis crossed paths whilst the pair where at a house party last year, with Logan’s friend Mike Majlak stating the two were “chopping at each other” over a potential fight.

Jake’s coach Flores, a former middleweight world title challenger who retired in 2018, has challenged Danis to pay a visit to Paul at their gym in Puerto Rico. “We busy in Puerto Rico for a REAL fight, but you can come through and get it anytime for free,” he wrote.

Danis then accused Jake of avoiding a sparring session with accomplished amateur boxer Chris Lukusa, writing: “Why didn’t you let Chris Lukusa spar Jake then scared he was gonna hurt him? Go back to holding the water and towel after Jake showers.”

Logan and Jake Paul have been called out by Dillon Danis
Logan and Jake Paul have been called out by Dillon Danis

‘The Problem Child’ sparked up interest of a fight with Danis when he confronted him whilst filming an episode of Food Truck Diaries with former UFC star Brendan Schaub last year, throwing toilet paper at the MMA star whilst labelling him “Conor McGregor’s b****”.

Paul said Danis missed out on the “biggest opportunity of his life” by pulling out of fight discussions with him, but Danis is still confident the fight can take place. “I don’t think it’s about not being able to fight him. I think the fight will happen,” he said on The MMA Hour. “He’s still calling me out. These fights should happen.”

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