Women’s World Cup play-offs: What happens next for the Republic of Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland’s women’s team are on the cusp of qualifying for their first World Cup in Australia and New Zealand for July-August 2023. After winning their qualifier game 1-0 away to Slovakia last night they guaranteed a play-off spot for the second round.

he draw for the first round takes place on Friday. These games will be on 6 October. Among the six teams are Scotland (Fifa ranking, 23), Austria (20), Bosnia and Herzegovina (63), Belgium (19), Portugal (27) and Wales (30).

The 3 winners of this round will then be drawn to play either Switzerland (21), Iceland (14) or the Republic of Ireland (26) in the second round play-off which takes place on October 11. The two highest-ranked winners of these ties will then qualify for the World Cup.

If Vera Pauw’s team are deemed to be ranked third after winning the second round they will play in a 10-team intercontinental play-off tournament in Hamilton and Auckland in February 2023, where another 3 teams can win the remaining places.

Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, England, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Germany, France have qualified already from the Uefa section.

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