Why John Lee’s progressive policy platform will deliver prosperity to Hong Kong

John Lee, Hong Kong’s sole chief executive candidate, delivered his 44-page policy platform last Friday. Headlined “Starting a new chapter for Hong Kong together,” it contains noble underlying aspirations to guide Hong Kong “from stability to prosperity” over the next five years. The expressions “new chapter” and “together,” should be emphasised since they are the foundation of his initiative.

Chief executive candidate John Lee announces his election manifesto on April 29, 2022. Photo: Lea Mok/HKFP

On Sunday, Lee will be elected as the next chief executive, having secured nominations from well over 50 per cent of the members of the Election Committee prior to campaigning for the position. His policy platform is progressive, realistic and practical – which is consistent with his method of operation and attitude – and minimises hollow promises and pipe dreams in favour of a results-oriented approach.

This policy platform was put together by public consultation and with collective wisdom. It is a collaborative platform constructed with ideas from the campaign team, Election Committee members, representatives from various sectors, and most importantly ordinary citizens of Hong Kong – truly a people’s policy platform.

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