What time is PMQs today? When to watch Boris Johnson at Prime Minister’s Questions amid Russia-Ukraine crisis

Boris Johnson and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer will go head to head at Prime Minister’s Questions today, amid a backdrop of political unrest.

On Tuesday the Prime Minister announced the first round of sanctions against Russia, after Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Ukraine on Monday night.

It came after the Russian leader signed a decree recognising the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine as breakaway states.

President Putin said he had sent troops and tanks into the regions as a “peacekeeping” mission, but Western leaders have interpreted this as a de facto military invasion.

In response, the UK is sanctioning three wealthy allies of Mr Putin and five Russian banks, the Prime Minister confirmed.

The measures include UK asset freezes, a travel ban and prohibition on British individuals and businesses dealing with them.

However, Sir Keir has called on Mr Johnson to go further and announce additional punishments.

What time is PMQs today?

PMQs will start at its usual time of midday, with the session lasting for around half an hour.

How can I watch PMQs live?

You’ll be able to watch all the action via a live stream on this page.

PMQs is also broadcast live on the UK Parliament YouTube channel, and on BBC News and Sky News.

You can find these channels online through BBC iPlayer and the Sky News live YouTube stream.

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What should we expect from PMQs today?

The situation in Ukraine will likely be top of the agenda, with Sir Keir saying yesterday that he welcomes the sanctions announced by the Prime Minister.

However, he added that “we must be prepared to go further” because “a threshold has already been breached” by Mr Putin declaring part of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine as breakaway states and sending troops into the country.

“A sovereign nation has been invaded in a war of aggression based on lies and fabrications. If we do not respond with a full set of sanctions now, Putin will once again take away the message that the benefits of aggression outweigh the costs,” the Labour leader said.

He proposed that “Russia should be excluded from financial mechanisms like Swift and we should ban trading in Russian sovereign debt” and also suggested that the TV channel Russia Today “should be prevented from broadcasting its propaganda around the world”.

Sir Keir added that “Russian money has been allowed to influence our politics” and called for an “end to oligarch impunity” in the UK.

The Prime Minister told MPs on Tuesday: “This the first tranche, the first barrage, of what we are prepared to do and we hold further sanctions at readiness to be deployed.”

He added: “The House should be in no doubt that the deployment of these forces in sovereign Ukrainian territory amounts to a renewed invasion of that country.

“And by denying Ukraine’s legitimacy as a state – and presenting its very existence as a mortal threat to Russia – Putin is establishing the pretext for a full-scale offensive.”

Today’s PMQs also comes after Mr Johnson announced the end of all Covid restrictions in England, including the need to self-isolate after testing positive. The provision of free lateral flow tests will also end from April.

Last week Sir Keir called ending free testing “a mistake”.

“It’s not a good idea to get rid of free tests on the health grounds, nor is it economically the right thing to do,” he said.

“I think inevitably there’ll be less tests but I do still think that as we go forward, if people have symptoms, that they do need to test, if they’re going to see someone who is particularly vulnerable, let’s say in a care home, it’ll be important to test.

“So anything that reduces that is not good for health and it’s not good the economy in the long run.”

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