‘We are really motivated’ – Armenia captain Haroyan wants revenge on Ireland for 2011 defeat

Armenia insist that they have not forgotten their controversial defeat to Ireland in Dublin, which cost them a potential place at the Euro 2012 finals.

reland secured a playoff spot in their qualifying group for Euro 2012 by beating Armenia 2-1 in the final game of the group, but Armenia felt hard done-by in the game where their goalkeeper was sent off after just 25 minutes, while the Spanish referee missed a handball by Ireland striker Simon Cox in the same incident.

And the game was raised at a pre-match press conference in the match stadium today. “We are very motivated for this game, all the players and all Armenians remember this game in 2011,” says Varazdat Haroyan, the Spanish-based defender who is currently national team captain.

“But it was 11 years ago, a lot of time has passed since then, we have had a lot of good matches since then so for tomorrow we are really motivated and will do our best to have a good result.”

Their Spanish-born coach also said the side would be ready to face Ireland.

“The team is very motivated, and you can see that in training, we have a good feeling about this game and we will do our best to play well tomorrow,” manager Joaquín Caparrós said at a press conference, where he tried to put some distance between the current side and their last game, a 9-0 friendly loss to Norway.

“I don’t need anyone to remind anyone, it was a tough game to accept but the team have already forgotten it and are preparing for the next matches,” Caparrós said.

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