TV mics pick up Shane Lowry’s foul-mouthed tirade at The Masters

Golf fans were divided on social media this evening after Shane Lowry appeared to have some choice words for his caddie Brian ‘Bo’ Martin – following a poor wedge shot in the third round at Augusta National.

Lowry laid up on the par-five 13th hole, but appeared to be less than impressed with his caddie’s yardage calculations, seemingly feeling he had been left with an awkward distance for his approach shot to the green.

Cameras and microphones were focused on the Offaly man, who could be heard fuming: “Left myself no shot.

“What a f****** s*** layup that was. Well done, well done Bo. Only 30 yards out. Well done.”

A three-putt followed and the former Open champion now trails runaway leader Scottie Scheffer by eight shots.

Some fans took to social media to criticise the foul-mouthed rant, with one tweeting: “As much as I love watching Shane Lowry his behaviour on 13 there was rotten.”

Another commented: “Easy to say from here but Lowry really needed to park that frustration and play the next shot. Was still giving out after the first putt. Loads of time left but that’s tough.”

But others chose to see the funny side, with one saying: “Non-Irish people thinking what Lowry said to his caddy was offensive is hilarious #themasters.”

While another Twitter user commented: “Lowry cursing out the caddie at the Masters not with a big stick could you beat it!”

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