Tremors felt after 3-magnitude earthquake in south-east Queensland

A 3-magnitude earthquake has been felt in Queensland’s south-east, Geoscience Australia has confirmed.

The earthquake was felt in Brendale, a 35 minute drive north of Brisbane, in the state’s Moreton Bay region.

Geoscience Australia data shows the earthquake struck around 1.30pm this afternoon and was 10 kilometres deep.

The earthquake was felt in Queensland’s Moreton Bay region, north of Brisbane. (Geoscience Australia)

There were reports of tremors in Brisbane and surrounding regions.

Users on social media described feeling their properties shake and a large bang or rumbling sound as the earth shook.

One social media user said she felt “a few seconds of deep rumbling” from the downstairs of her south-east property.

A man in Eatons Hill, Moreton Bay described the earthquake as feeling “like a truck load of boulder rocks being dropped off outside our house”.

Category 3 earthquakes are considered minor and unlikely to cause damage.

Last Friday, a category 6.2 earthquake was felt in Darwin and surrounding regions of the Northern Territory, with shaking triggered by an earthquake off the coast of Timor Leste.

Geoscience Australia senior seismologist Trevor Allen said earthquake tremors are felt more strongly for people in high-rise buildings, due to the natural sways and frequency of high-rise structures.

He said anyone who feels an earthquake tremor should seek shelter in secure areas.

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“In terms of what to do if you do feel an earthquake, the best advice we have is to drop under a sturdy object or table, cover yourself, particularly your head and wait for the shaking to stop,” Allen said.

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