Tiananmen crackdown anniversary: Hongkongers gathering illegally face up to 5 years jail, police warn

Police have warned that anyone participating in an unauthorised assembly risks up to five years in prison, as Victoria Park is closed ahead of Saturday’s Tiananmen crackdown anniversary. The park in Causeway Bay has traditionally been the site of commemorative candlelit vigils to remember the 1989 dead.

Police around Victoria Park, Causeway Bay on June 2, 2022. Photo: HKFP.

“Police noticed that some people have been spreading messages on the Internet to incite others to take part in unauthorised assemblies at Victoria Park and in Causeway Bay tomorrow (June 4),” a police force press release said on Friday.

It is unclear what public messages the authorities are referring to. Most online calls for commemorations appear to be related to overseas events, rather than calls to gather in Victoria Park.

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