Thor Bjornsson jokes about Tyson Fury’s physique after posing for topless photo

Thor Bjornsson has joked that Tyson Fury has the ‘peak athletic body shape’ after posing shirtless with the world heavyweight champion.

Fury, one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, is known for competing at an elite level despite sporting a big belly, while former world’s strongest man Bjornsson is currently shredded.

The Icelandic Game of Thrones star has lost over 120lbs or nearly nine-stone since making the switch from strongman competitions to boxing, and is in the shape of his life.

He is preparing for a fight with Eddie Hall in March next year, and spent some time with one of the world’s best boxers in Glasgow yesterday at one of Fury’s speaking tour dates.

“Peak performance male athletic body shape vs me,” Bjornsson joked in an Instagram post to his 3.7million followers.

“All jokes aside what an honour meeting Tyson Fury tonight and going to one of his shows!

Thor Bjornsson and Tyson Fury
Thor Bjornsson posed topless with Tyson Fury in Glasgow

“Looking forward to learning more from the champ himself in the near future!”

The pair met at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow last night where Fury was in town for the final date of his ‘Homecoming’ speaking tour of the UK.

He had stopped in Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leicester and London before heading up north for the last date yesterday, where he was greeted in his dressing room by Bjornsson.

The ex-strongman won his boxing debut in September against Devon Larratt, after rival Hall pulled out of the bout with an injury.

He viciously stopped Larratt within minutes in a one-sided beating in Dubai, and is now expected to face Hall early next year.

Bjornsson has previously indicated that he would like to step into the ring with Fury for a training session or exhibition bout, primarily for the experience of facing one of the world’s best fighters.

“I would never say no to that, it wasn’t like I was calling him out,” he explained when asked about a potential bout with boxing legend Mike Tyson.

“The same thing happened when I was asked if I would fight Tyson Fury and I said the same thing.

Would you like to see Thor Bjornsson have an exhibition or sparring session with Tyson Fury? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

“I would definitely fight him if the opportunity came along, because the experience would be so great.

“I would learn so much from fighting either of those guys, so I just couldn’t say no to that.”

He is no stranger to competing in exhibition bouts against much higher-level opposition, facing Steven Ward and Simon Valilly before he took on Larratt earlier this year.

Bjornsson held his own with veteran Ward in his first bout just months after beginning training, before stepping up to face Commonwealth Games medalist Valilly.

He was dropped by the professional boxer in the third round of their meeting, but ultimately gave a good account of himself, and is a heavy favourite for his fight with Hall next year.

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