Stephen Colbert and Mindy Kaling Talk About Their Beef Rumors: ‘We’re the New Kanye/Pete’

on Monday evening the host addressed the controversial beef between himself and.

Kaling, who is best known for her Emmy-winning work on as well as creating and playing in the critically acclaimed , has promoted the beloved coming-of-age Netflix series in recent years , who made and produced them. So she appeared on Numerous times over the years and based on conversations Colbert and Kaling had on his show, headlines have been published portraying some sort of strained relationship between the two.

Colbert pointed to examples of headlines that read: “Mindy Kaling Calls Colbert’s ‘Unprofessional Behavior’ as Guest Star of ‘Mindy Project’”, “Mindy Kaling Brutally Roasts Stephen Colbert After His Apple Watch Cuts Her Off” and “The Controversial Reason Stephen Colbert Had apologize to Mindy Kaling.” However, when Colbert read them out loud with Kaling Monday, the two couldn’t help but laugh.

“Mindy, let’s take care of that last one. Do you and I have beef?’ asked Colbert, to which Kaling replied, “We’re the new Kanye/Pete,” referring, of course, to the ongoing feud between Kanye West and Pete Davidson.

Though Kaling didn’t disagree at one point, as she told Colbert, “I mean, if I really had to investigate, I think there are things you’ve done.” In response, Colbert pointed his finger back at Kaling and said, “Well, they didn’t say you talked about me at the Emmys last year! You called me a messy bitch on the Emmy stage last year!”

“Wait, that’s true,” Kaling realized, adding, “You know what? Forget this. We’ve got a problem!” Colbert followed with, “We do! And I said ‘takes one to know one!’”

So eventually Colbert and Kaling realized: maybe they have beef?

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