Shooting in Hong Kong’s Central district leaves 3 injured

Three people have been arrested after a shooting in Central in the early hours of Friday left three injured, police have told HKFP.

Police received a report about the incident near Tung Yiu Commercial Building on Wyndham Street at around 2:41am.

Hong Kong police emblem. Photo: Candice Chau/HKFP.

One of the victims was run over by a vehicle and sustained a serious injury to his right leg, he remains conscious. Another is undergoing surgery following two gunshots to the back.

A third man, who is unconscious, was also injured. All are being treated at Queen Mary Hospital.

Three men were arrested in the area, police confirmed, though the gun was not found. One of the men was arrested for possessing a machete during a stop-and-search action nearby.

HK01 reported that anti-terror police responded to the incident, which was suspected to be related to organised crime.

More to follow.

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