Prosecution reaches plea deal with Hong Kong radio host ‘Giggs’ after year-long detention

Prosecutors told a Hong Kong court they have reached a plea agreement with Edmund Wan Yiu-sing, an internet radio host better known as “Giggs,” who has been detained for over a year on money-laundering and sedition charges after seeking donations for protesters who fled to Taiwan.

D100 Radio host Edmund Wan, who is also known as “Giggs.” File photo: Supplied.

The 53-year-old D100 Radio DJ and his assistant Alice Lee appeared in front of Judge Kwok Wai-kin at District Court on Thursday afternoon.

Wan was charged with five counts of money-laundering involving over HK$11 million and four charges of actions “with a seditious intention.” He was additionally accused of conspiring to commit “an act with a seditious intention” as an alternative to the other four sedition charges.

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