Paramedics on strike today in New South Wales

Paramedics will go on strike in New South Wales today, as the threat of nurses taking industrial action again looms.

Ambulance workers will refuse to leave their allocated stations to fill roster gaps for 24 hours across the state, as they call for more resources and better pay.

But they are insisting that patient care will not be compromised.

Paramedics are going on strike across New South Wales today. (Flavio Brancaleone)

It’s the second time this year paramedics have taken industrial action.

“We’ll still show up, care for patients, and respond to Triple Zero calls. Our action quite deliberately targets under resourcing from NSW Ambulance, without compromising care to patients or communities,” Australian Paramedics Association NSW president Chris Kastelan said.

The union has been calling for increased staffing, improved pay, and investment in referral networks and specialist paramedic programs to reduce strain across an overburdened healthcare system.

“Of comparable states, NSW has the worst paramedic to population ratio, and worst spending per capita. Our ambulance response times have worsened by more than 40 per cent during the last decade. Something has got to change,” Mr Kastelan said.

Response times have worsened, the Australian Paramedics Association says. (Nine)

“We urgently need another 1500 paramedics just to bring staffing ratios in line with other states.

“The Government needs to step up, listen to frontline workers, and invest in better outcomes.”

NSW nurses are also considering another strike amid a stalemate over pay and conditions.

A vote will be held on whether to hold a 24-hour statewide strike on March 31.

If it goes ahead, it will be the second time that nurses have taken industrial action this year, after almost a decade of withholding from it.

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