Overseas judges in Hong Kong are not a picky bunch, apparently

It has been heartwarming to see so many tributes to the splendour of Hong Kong’s legal system, following the news that two UK judges are withdrawing from their roles as occasional participants in the proceedings of our Court of Final Appeal.

Lord Robert Reed and Lord Patrick Hodge. Photo: UK Supreme court.

Other overseas judges are apparently still up for this gig. More attention is needed in some places to the difference between political impartiality and political ignorance, I think. Or these overseas people could try looking at the detailed working of the system which they adorn and endorse.

An example: this week Leung Kwok-hung – once my local Legislative Councillor – appeared in a magistrates court and was convicted of an offence committed in 2016. This Dickensian legal process culminated in a punishment of 14 days in prison. A mountain has laboured to bring forth a mouse.

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