Nargis Fakri opens up about his body shame, says there’s ‘pressure’ to maintain his physique

Nargis Fakri explained that she was ashamed of her body and was constantly targeted for her physical appearance. The Rockstar actress was recently spotted in Delhi for a fashion show, and she was last seen in Azhar in 2016.

After Emraan Hashmi’s film, the actress took a break from the glamorous world, and many netizens claimed it was her maternity leave, the actress even shared a comparison photo on Instagram, and said: “On the left I weighed 178 lbs (80 kg) and on the right I weighed 129 (58 kg). Since then I have lost 20 lbs (9 kg) through lifestyle changes. If I may do it, you too.” While discussing this, the actress opened up about being fat-shamed by people and said she faced body-shaming for a short time. Nargis thinks there is a certain look or appearance that people expect from her. .

Nargis even added that she was constantly under the radar for her looks. Fakri even talked about the stages of physical transformation and said that when she came to India, she was too skinny. Everyone suggested gaining weight, then she kept it off. Nargis have a naturally lean state. Later, Fakri gained about 50 pounds, so many of them said she was pregnant. Initially, Nargis’ feelings were hurt, but then she realized it was her job to take care of herself. “I lost 40 pounds, trained and got that body back.”

After dating Uday Chopra, Nargis is rumored to be currently dating US-based Kashmiri businessman Tony Beig and their relationship has been in the limelight for quite some time. The actress even shared her take on her personal life being discussed in the public eye and said, “I don’t really bother to think about it. I notice people like to keep writing about personal things, I do not know why .” Fakri concluded by saying, “Everyone is coming out. It’s just that I’m lucky to be a celebrity, everyone wants to see everything about me.”


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