Michael Bisping issues mocking response to Jake Paul’s fight announcement

Michael Bisping mocked Jake Paul’s fight announcement after the YouTube star confirmed his return to the ring.

Paul will fight for the sixth time as a professional on August 6 when he tops the bill at Madison Square Garden. The YouTube star has yet to name an opponent but will be supported on the card by world champion Amanda Serrano.

And the poster which Paul released was mocked by some fans, and Bisping, because it looked as if he was planning to fight stablemate Serrano. “Hold on Jake Paul, you’re fighting Amanda Serrano? Wow. Can’t say I’m surprised though haha,” said Bisping.

When a fan later pointed out his ‘mistake’, Bisping said: “I’m very aware “he’s fighting alongside her”, the joke is that he’s such a p***** that his next opponent is against a woman that is (as usual) waaaay smaller than him. Like all his opponents.”

Bisping and Paul have a history of trading verbal jabs after the former UFC world champion claimed he was willing to fight the social media star despite having only one eye. Bisping has a fake eye and would not be licensed by a traditional sporting commission.

He has had an offer from an Indian reservation which has said it would be willing to sanction a fight with Paul, but no serious talks were ever held. “If I’m about that life Jake Paul. I been about that life for 20 years you fool,” Bisping said in April. “You realise how stupid you sound calling me out? Please keep that same energy if we meet in person.”

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Paul had been expected to announce that he will face Tommy Fury this summer in a bout due to have taken place last December. Fury pulled out at two weeks’ notice after breaking a rib in training and was replaced by former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Promoter Eddie Hearn claimed Fury and Paul had agreed to fight but no announcement has been forthcoming with just eight weeks until the 24-year-old returns to action.

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