Melissa Gilbert Says She ‘Tried To Freeze Everything In Place’ With Botox After Divorce

Melissa Gilbert talks about aging in Hollywood. (Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Melissa Gilbert talks about the “midlife crisis” she experienced after her marriage to Bruce Boxleitner ended.

In his new memoirs, Back to the prairie: a house remade, a life rediscoveredthe little house on the prairie star wrote about the end of her marriage to the Babylon 5 actor in 2011. She shared that after the separation, she made physical changes in order to feel better about herself.

“I had Botox, fillers, recolored my hair and bought a Mustang convertible at the behest of the inappropriate young French guy I started dating,” Gilbert, 58, wrote in her memoir.

This reaction, noted the former president of the Screen Actors Guild, was aimed at trying to regain the “freedom” she felt in her youth. She wrote: “I reacted like many women I’ve met: I tried to freeze everything in place.”

She added that the experience of “being a single woman in her 40s in Los Angeles is a whole different pressure league.”

“And being an actress looking for a job in an industry obsessed with young people increases even more,” she noted.

It was only when she met her husband, thirty and some actor Tim Busfield, and moved from Los Angeles to Michigan after their 2013 wedding that she stopped focusing so much on what she looked like.

“I can’t move my forehead – and that’s not right,” she explained. “I have a feeling I’m going to want to move him around more in the future. I’d like to go somewhere where that’s possible.

Gilbert, who now lives in upstate New York with Busfield, also spoke to hello america this week about the decision to leave Los Angeles — and with it, her exacting beauty standards.

“I had to leave LA to get older, which I wanted to do,” she said. “I’m excited about it. I’m loving all these changes and watching what’s happening and getting to know this new person.”

She shared with People that she has since reassessed her view of her appearance.

“My mindset was, ‘You have to stay slim. You have to be seen in the right places, wear the right shoes and drive the right car,” she noted. “It was so drilled into me by all the outside forces. But it never went well.

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