Karan Johar says he sometimes looks for talent in actors ‘magar vo kabhi milta nahi’

Popular filmmaker Karan Johar, who has been making headlines since the debate over ‘nepotism in Bollywood’ began, recently appeared on the Amazon MiniTV show Case Toh Banta Hai, where he joked about finding talented actors.

Riteish Deshmukh was seen grilling Koffee with Karan host on the show Case Toh Banta Hai. According to the The Switzerland Times report, Riteish asked Karan, “Mujhe bataye ki aap jab kisi actor ko aap cast karte hai, do you just go for their good looks, good looks and good looks (I’ve been told that when you cast actors in your movies, you only go for their good looks)?”

Karan replied, “I also go for entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Aur kabhi kabar I also go for talent, talent, talent, magar woh kabhi milta nahi hai (And sometimes I go for talent too, but I never find it).”

Recently, Vivek Agnihotri, who has always spoken his mind, took an indirect dig at Koffee with Karan host Karan Johar. On Thursday, the director of The Kashmir Files wrote a note asking ‘boys of Koffee Gang’ to focus on their films.

He tweeted: “I think the naughty boys at the Koffee club should ask their SM agencies and PR agencies to focus on their film instead of competing with me. I’m not the kind you can break with free obstacles. The best. Always.”

Social media users also responded to the tweet. One of them wrote: “Looks like you’re addicted to Koffee. You’ve noticed that you’ve been tweeting every Thursday after every new episode! Don’t you have other work? Or something better to watch? Don’t be so obsessed with it Karan ya common.” Another person wrote: “Sir, the truth is #NEPOTISM. #Bollywood spoiled. And the reason for this is these #personalities. They are #Khans, #Bhatt, #Kapoor. These are the ones who have engaged in favoritism. And followed by #starkids concept.”

Earlier, speaking to Kushal Mehra, Vivek Agnihotri said: “They talk about LGBTQ activism, but they joke about it themselves. Why do Karan’s movies often make fun of the LGBTQ community? Why? And they talk about activism.”

Kangana also punched the director in the face on Friday. She wrote: “People like Karan Johar should be questioned because of their behavior, he is more interested in their behavior, he is more interested in everyone’s sex life than in the scripts of his movies, he buys admitted reviews, stars and fake news himself. …collection numbers and tickets…this time trying to ride hinduism and south gulf.

She added: “They all became pujaris and suddenly begged Southern actors, writers and directors to promote their film … they will do everything but not hire competent writers, directors, actors and other talents … why not in the first place hire those they went to beg to solve this disaster called Brahmastra.”


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