Joe Brolly: Mayo won but don’t take it as a compliment – parts of this game looked like an audition for The Underdogs

The first half of the game between Mayo and Kildare looked more like a regional audition for The Underdogs. If it had been, very few of the players on view would have made it through to the next round.

rom the throw-in, Kildare, still traumatised from the Dublin horror, flooded the defence with all their outfield players. They didn’t have one sweeper against the Dubs. Here, they had five. Both teams proceeded to play like teams that didn’t see a bright future for themselves in the championship. Mayo, as always when they are confronted by a mass defence, had no idea how to break it down. As for Kildare, it is all very well to flood the defence, but if you are going to do this, you need to work out how to get scores at the other end.

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