Jake Paul told to “respect his elders” after latest Mike Tyson call-out

Fans have told Jake Paul to “have some respect” after calling out heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Paul is serious about fighting the former undisputed heavyweight champion, calling him out on more than one occasion. The controversial 25-year-old believes a fight with Tyson could generate between $200-$300million.

“I joke with my friends about it, I’m like I’ll start eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts, move up to heavyweight and fight Mike Tyson,” Paul told The Journey. “That would actually excite me and that’s a $200-300million event. So Mike, if you’re watching this let’s have some fun. New school vs old school and I think that’s something that the fans would want to see.”

Paul’s comments have drawn criticism from boxing fans with the YouTube star being told to have respect legends of the sport such as Tyson. “Have some respect for Mike Tyson. Stay retired, you don’t need to fight this Jake Paul guy… maybe someone his own age would be better instead of retired legends,” one user wrote.

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“Jake Paul have some respect for your elders. He [Tyson] was a boxing great not a Instagram money making staged performer. Go find someone your own age to play with,” another commented.

A third user urged Tyson to stay retired, adding: “Mike enjoy your retirement boss, those younger boy want tune up their sport history on you. Don’t do it, you are old enough now.”

“This kid needs to start putting some respect on the baddest man. He is just trying to make money but is it worth his health if mike does fight him? Mike will f him up at any age,” a fourth commenter wrote.

Jake Paul has called for a fight with Mike Tyson
Jake Paul has called for a fight with Mike Tyson

Paul’s call-out has come as a surprise to Tyson, as he said in a recent episode of his podcast: “I ain’t know nothing about it. Listen, I’ve been smoking with him forever, I did some shrooms with him as well. But I’ve never heard this.

‘Iron Mike’ retired from boxing in 2005 when he was stopped by journeyman Kevin McBride. He teased a ring return for years and finally laced up his gloves again in 2020 where he fought to a draw against fellow legend Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout.

Paul ditched his internet fame and devoted his future to boxing last year. ‘The Problem Child’ picked up three wins in 2021, knocking out Ben Askren and defeating ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley twice. The 25-year-old, who fights at 190lbs, has announced his next will be in August.

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