Iran fans rest easy as Carlos Queiroz takes up head coach role ahead of Qatar World Cup – Doha News

With less than 3 months left to Qatar’s World Cup, Carlos Queiroz will return to Iran for a second time to lead the Lions of Persia.

Queiroz’s appointment was arranged by Mehdi Taj, the new president of the Iranian Football Federation, who promised to bring a period of calm to the national team after months of political instability within the federation.

Running his campaign on the promises of bringing back the Portuguese legend, Taj was elected on Tuesday.

Taj’s presidency centered around Queiroz as he was well-liked among the country’s supporters since he took Iran to two consecutive World Cups in 2014 and 2018.

Replacing Dragan Skocic, who was sacked earlier this year and then surprisingly reinstated shortly after, Queiroz’s arrival signifies that Iran’s FIFA campaign is back on track.

“We have to work together to solve our problems. Now is the time for hard work. I thank the two other candidates. We must move towards brotherhood and cooperation. The past is the past; we must move forward,” said Taj.

Inking a contract with the federation, Queiroz will manage the team until the end of the Qatar World Cup tournament.

On the pitch, Iran’s national team has performed impressively, charting the FIFA ranks to land in 22nd place.

Qatar 2022 will mark Iran’s sixth appearance at the World Cup.

Thanks to Queiroz, the Persians played their best on Russia’s 2018 global stage where they defeated Morocco to face Portugal in a tie that set them 18th in the group stage.

Iran’s drive to the World Cup Trophy will be a challenging journey as they will face England, Wales, and the US.

Iran’s match against England will be the tournament’s second game on November 21 at Khalifa International Stadium, marking the first time the two teams have ever played against one another.

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