Inside Ken Doherty’s family life – days out with son and split from partner

Ken Doherty is an Irish professional snooker player, commentator and radio presenter who has been dubbed a “national treasure” since the airing of his documentary on Virgin Media.

The snooker legend has built an impressive reputation since turning professional in 1990 as the new programme looked back on his early life and the 1997 triumph over ‘The King of the Crucible’ aired on Sunday night.

The Ranelagh native is best known for his win over dominant champion Stephen Hendry in a gripping final that was one of the most-watched sporting events involving an Irish person in the 1990s.

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He credits his mother with instilling in him all the essential values needed to become a world champion and admitted: “I’d probably say that I got my determination from her. She instilled all those qualities in me.

“She was a very loving mother, very religious, everything was about the home and school.

“I got a good lot of inspiration from her, particularly after my father died.

“That was tough times, that toughened me up as well.”

Doherty has one son, Christian, who he shares with his now ex-wife Sarah.

The pair had wed in December 2001, shortly before he finished as runner-up in his defence of the Welsh Open.

However, Doherty admitted during the documentary entitled ‘Seventeen Days in the Crucible’ that he and his Indian-born wife were no longer together.

He said: “It was an amicable split, we’d been together for 20 years and we’ve got a son together.

“We both love him very much and we’re both still friends. We still talk on the phone.”

Ken Doherty, his wife Sarah and son Christian arrive for the big day.
Inside Ken Doherty’s family life – days out with son and split from partner

Doherty continues to be very present on social media and often shares images on days out with his son Christian.

Most recently, he brought the 14-year-old to meet Dennis Taylor and Cliff Thorburn at the Crucible Sheffield Snooker world championships and said they had “a great night.”

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