In Pictures: Hundreds of Hong Kong rail fans bid farewell to last 12-car train

Hundreds of railway fans in Hong Kong bid farewell to the last 12-car electric train on Friday, as the decades-old East Rail Line vehicle was retired ahead of the opening of new stations.

Photo: Kelly Ho/HKFP.

The Hung Hom MTR station was unusually packed on Friday afternoon when train fanatics gathered at the platform to hop on the last ride of a Mid-Life Refurbishment Train (MLR-train). Many brought cameras, placards and other souvenirs to mark the final journey of this cherished train model that has operated in the city since 1997.

The 12 train compartments were crammed, as many people recorded the trip from Hung Hom to Sha Tin, where the train was parked for two hours for rail fans and passengers to admire the iconic “fly headed” vehicle for the last time.

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