Hong Kong’s top court rejects bail for group charged with sedition over children’s picture books

Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal has refused to grant bail to a group of five speech therapists accused of sedition by publishing children’s picture books about sheep, rejecting an appeal against a lower court’s refusal to free them pending trial.

A page from 12 Warriors of the Sheep Village depicting the sheep asking whether the 12 sheep caught were eaten by the wolves. Photo: The General Union of Hong Kong Speech Therapists.

Lai Man-ling, Melody Yeung, Sidney Ng, Samuel Chan and Marco Fong were arrested by national security police in July. They are accused of conspiring with Wong Hoi-ching, another member of the union, in printing, publishing, and distributing three children’s books, Guardians of the Sheep Village, 12 Warriors of the Sheep Village, and Dustman of the Sheep Village.

Their intent was to “bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection” against the Hong Kong government and “the administration of justice in Hong Kong,” according to the police.

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