Hong Kong’s one-man election: A spectacularly wasteful exhibition of conspicuous consumption

Sad story last week about a man who set out to rob a bank. He waved a gun-like object at the cashier, who emptied the till into a bag. Apparently this only amounted to HK$14,000; banks are just not a pile of cash waiting to be collected these days.

A man robbed a bank in Yau Ma Tei on April 14. Photo: Video screenshot, via Facebook.

Anyway the robber exited the bank. The cashier, a conscientious person, gave chase from a safe distance and observed the robber get into his getaway vehicle: a public bus!

Naturally the proverbial hue and cry was raised and the police met the bus when it got to Sham Shui Po. Alas our robber may have been parsimonious but he was not stupid, and had already got off at an earlier stop.

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