Having trouble hearing your TV? This 10-inch soundbar enhances dialogue – grab it while it’s $40 off

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The ZVOX AV102 is the best audio enhancement offering on the market, “bar none”. (Photo: QVC)

If you have to turn on closed captioning, you find yourself constantly mumbling “What did that guy just say?” or tend to rewind in 10-second bursts just to catch dialogue, you might need a soundbar in your life.

A soundbar is a simple addition to your entertainment system, but it profoundly elevates your sound. And right now, QVC is offering an incredible deal: the ZVOX AV102 AccuVoice TV Soundbar, available in black, bronze or graphite, is on sale for just $110 – an unprecedented $40 discount! This baby will blend right into your living room (or any room) and deliver crisper dialogue than ever…not to mention theatrical quality during action movies.

Don’t want to pay for everything all at once? Opt for five Easy Pay installments of just $21.99 Instead. Also, if you’re a first-time QVC buyer, you can get an additional $10 off with the code SURPRISE.

It’s time to take the plunge and turn up the volume.

$110 $150 at QVC

Cinema-quality audio

Let's all go to the cinema — at home.  This soundbar gives everyone the best place in the house.  (Photo: ZVOX)

Let’s all go to the cinema — at home. This soundbar gives everyone the best place in the house. (Photo: ZVOX)

Miss going to the movies? U.S. too. This soundbar satisfies some of that desire by delivering pristine sound clarity. Offering six levels of voice control, it exceeds the limits of all other options in its price range (this TCL Alto, for example, only offers three levels… and costs a lot more).

Want details? The ZVOX AV102 AccuVoice TV soundbar – which measures 10 inches wide – uses special hearing aid technology to enhance on-screen dialogue; this means you’ll get a crystal clear conversation without having to crank up the TV volume very high. Vocals are crisp and detailed, while other sounds soar at a fair level.

“I have a new Sony smart TV that has a great picture but very poor sound,” shared one five-star reviewer. “The dialogue always sounded muddled, especially when watching UK shows. This soundbar totally solved that problem. Highly recommend this product.”

Virtual surround sound

Woman wearing flower crown holding 10

The ZVOX AV102 AccuVoice TV soundbar is smaller than you think! (Photo: ZVOX)

And when you really want to crank it up, you can; your new ZVOX TV Soundbar features three levels of 3D cinema-like audio to boost music, background effects, and overall sound design (think virtual surround sound). “It makes vocals much clearer. I’ve always had trouble understanding Sherlock Holmes’ accent in the TV series Elementaryanother happy ZVOX buyer reported. “Now I can hear it clearly.”

Setting up your new ZVOX TV Soundbar is easy. Simply plug it into your TV’s RCA or optical digital (TOSLINK) port and you’re good to go.

$110 $150 at QVC

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