Hamish Blake wins Gold Logie; Plan to fix energy crisis; Ukraine war could last two years; UAP candidate Ralph Babet claims Victorian Senate seat in party-first; Aussie shares down in early trade; Latest COVID-19 cases and deaths

Speaking in Melbourne, Albanese was asked if coal and gas should be included in a proposed energy capacity mechanism.

“What the Energy Security Board have said is that they are mode-neutral in terms of what goes forward and that will be left up to states, depending upon their particular circumstances,” he said.

“The Energy Security Board chair has an op-ed that I encourage people to read, today in the Financial Review, it outlines what the proposal is going forward.

“They are also going through a consultation process that is about making sure that the security, if you like, it is an insurance scheme into the energy system and that seems to me to be a bit of common sense.”

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