Government sets maximum fees for online delivery services – Doha News

Those who set higher fees than what is permissible can face up to a one million Qatari Riyal fine and a three months administrative closure. 

Online companies within Qatar must abide by rules and regulations imposed by authorities regarding maximum prices for goods and services, the ministry of commerce has announced.The delivery service fee for online shops must not exceed 10 QAR by bike or 20 QAR if by vehicle.

Meanwhile, service prices for online platforms should be 10% of the total order price in the case of marketing only and 20% in the case of marketing and delivery, according to the ministry.

The latest measures come as part of the country’s efforts to regulate and control the prices of goods and services within the local market and prevent any price exploitation. the resolution also aims to control inflation rates and promote market balance.

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All companies are obliged to fulfill their commitment towards protecting consumers’ rights, particularly those related to applying fair prices in accordance with Law No. 8 of 2008 on Consumer Protection.

Those who violate the law will have to pay up to a one million Qatari Riyal fine and or a three months administrative closure.

Delivery drivers as front-liners

Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the country has gone in and out of lockdown multiple times. Most of Qatar’s workforce has had the chance to work from home to ensure their safety. However, delivery drivers never experienced that luxury.

Instead, they were on the frontlines, delivering everyday essentials to people while putting their lives on the line.

The business demand for drivers has seen a spike over the past two years. Many businesses now rely on revenue generated from online orders, and while delivery fees tend to be high, the drivers only get a small fraction of them.

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