Gippy Grewal Opens On Aamir Khan’s Punjabi In Laal Singh Chaddha, Explains Why Bollywood Movies Fail | Exclusive

Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha was completed a week after its release and the film’s box office collections were a major disappointment. Many trading pundits and pundits still find it hard to believe that the film ended up so badly in India. Amid the boycott trend and other negativity attached to the film, Aamir’s Punjabi accent has also been criticized. Even Sargun Mehta talked about it. Now Punjabi superstar Gippy Grewal is candid about Khan and his film.

While promoting his upcoming rom-com Yaar Mera Titliyaan Warga, Gippy stated that Aamir’s Punjabi fell short of expectations, and despite his suggestion, the creators went ahead with their vision. “I agree that Aamir Khan’s Punjabi accent has been criticized, and when we worked on the dialogues for the film, we had the right accent and diction.” Yes, Gippy’s team had helped the creators in the Punjabi dialogues: “My team including Rana Ranbir (actor writer) helped them write Punjabi dialogues. The correct Punjabi. They agreed with me, but they didn’t change it.” He continued, “Maybe they thought it was perfect for the character, but there’s been some distance there.”

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However, when the star of Manje Bistre watched the film, he loved it and appreciated Aamir’s hard work. “I really liked it, Aamir had gone under the skin of his character. He had the right look of a Sikh, with a real turban and beard. People in Punjab and overseas loved Aamir Khan’s portrayal. As far as I could see, people clapped, and they told the movie beautifully.”

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Finally, Gippy opened up on Bollywood dry land, and why movies like LSC and Raksha Bandhan fail. “The audience is the kingmaker. Even our movies missed the mark. Sometimes we don’t get the opening, and sometimes people don’t get tickets to the movie. So I think it comes down to content, us mein gadbad hai, and they have to accept it .

Gippy went on to claim that companies unintentionally harm films. “When I work in Bombay, I usually argued with the business people here. They come up with statistics, budgets and calculations. But the creativity cannot be controlled by these measures. I believe that filmmaking comes from the heart, and here people make movies from their brains. You can write a script, but not calculations. They come up with their assumptions first. “Film must have XYZ opening, ‘it must fetch 100 crores’, ‘you must make the film under this budget.’ But what if the creator’s vision is beyond their standards? They’re not making movies, they’re completing a project. That interest, that hunger to say something new, something unique isn’t there in them. I think that’s where the problem lies Yaar Mera Titliyaan Warga hits theaters on September 2.


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