Gary Neville delivers savage put down after Micah Richards didn’t take kindly to comparison

Micah Richards hit back at fellow pundit Gary Neville after the Manchester United legend made a light-hearted remark over the ex-City full-back’s pace during his playing career.

Neville was waxing lyrical over the current options Pep Guardiola has at full-back when he used the pundits in the studio to reinforce his point.

“They are an exceptional team, so good. What I admire most about them from a defensive point of view is I don’t know how – you could have never have got me or you [ Jamie Carragher ] or even you [Richards] to push high up the pitch with 10 minutes to go like those two teams were.

“To do that, under the highest pressure against the best opponents with the best passers, the best runners is unbelievable honestly. You’ve seen teams push up in the past, you know we saw the Arsenal team with Tony Adams push high at times but never like we’ve seen these two teams in this game today.

“That is the two best teams in the world with the two best managers doing it at the most difficult moments and that takes something.”

Neville was mid-way through his point before Richards interjected: “I was lightening, don’t put me in the same category as you Carra – don’t you dare!”

Neville remained in the firing line when former teammate and fellow pundit Roy Keane also saw fit to poke fun at him, claiming: “you did drop deep towards the end of your career Gary – you were behind the goal at one stage.” Keane did eventually turn to some serious analysis by echoing Neville’s point on the full-backs on show.

“It takes real courage to do that, when you’re up against that quality of individual. The players have to go and do it but the coaches give them that message and they’re doing it – they are brave to do it.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold, (pictured with Pep Guardiola) came in for some serious praise from Gary Neville
Trent Alexander-Arnold, (pictured with Pep Guardiola) came in for some serious praise from Gary Neville

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Neville waited patiently before eventually getting his own back on Richards and delivering a savage putdown. The latter was in the process of heaping praise on Guardiola.

Richards said:: “I played for some great coaches, Roberto Mancini being my number one, but just the way he [Guardiola] talks here, I just wish I could play for him and learn so much.”

Neville interrupted: “You are not good enough to play for him!” He did add: “I wasn’t good enough to play for him, he [Carragher] wasn’t good enough to play for him!”

The talent of both City and Liverpool’s respective full-backs came in handy for both sides as Joao Cancelo and Trent-Alexander Arnold registered assists in the 2-2 draw at the Etihad. The latter’s came first, as the right-back pulled the ball back into a dangerous area having latched on to a cross from his counterpart on the opposite flank Andy Robertson.

Diogo Jota made no mistake as his effort squirmed under City shot-stopper Ederson to make the scores 1-1 at the time. Cancelo made his mark around 20 minutes later when City regained their lead.

The Portuguese international whipped in an inviting cross that evaded every single Liverpool defender before finding the boot of Gabriel Jesus who made no mistake despite the imposing presence of the onrushing Alisson Becker.

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