For Eddie Jones to hail England’s loss to France as ‘progress’ is pure gaslighting

How has it come to this? That the Six Nations is nothing more to Eddie Jones than a development vehicle for the World Cup. That an England attack, which yielded three tries in just four games outside of Italy, can be described as “very good”. That there can be so much gushing over rank mediocrity.

or Jones to hail his team’s progress as if it was they rather than France who won the Grand Slam is pure gaslighting. Yet the Rugby Football Union are fully in thrall to the cult of Eddie, citing “strong positive steps” and “solid progress” after three losses. Pass the Kool-Aid. A third-place finish is a fig leaf which does nothing to spare the indignity of another two-win campaign in the wake of Saturday night’s 25-13 defeat by the French.

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