Exclusive: Saisha Shinde regrets misbehaving with Kangana Ranaut on Lock Upp, says ‘she’s the owner’

Fashion designer and ex-Lock Upp contestant Saisha Shinde has finally opened up about her run-in with reality TV host Kangana Ranaut. Saisha was kicked out by Kangana after a nasty argument over the premiere’s unacceptable behavior on the show. While speaking exclusively to TSWT India, Saisha regretted her falling out with Kangana and said, “I really regret making Kanagana angry, I want to apologize to Kangana, she deserves respect, and no one can’t. talk to her like that.” Shinde further explained, “I agree with what Kangana said on the show, it’s her prison, she’s the owner, and by that logic, we’re the employees. In professional terms, no one can disrespect their employer in such a way.”

Although Saisha regrets her fight with Kangana, she explained her side and said her outburst was real. “Agar mera gussa real raha hai, meri dosti real rahi hai, mera pyaar real raha hai. Toh mera gussa bhi real hoga. problems, so I think it should have been passed on, it’s not disrespectful. I’m sorry I lost my temper, made her angry and disappointed. Shinde continued, “Every day of judgment , I made her laugh and she used to joke with me. So, I felt bad about how I got kicked out of the show, disappointing her and myself.” Saisha thinks if she gets another chance to get into the house, she’ll apologize to Ranaut, will repent of his mistake and leave with a clean slate.

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On the show, Saisha had been seen complaining constantly about food items being provided in less supply. She also behaved rudely with the prison guards. When Kangana asked for a justification, Saisha replied, “I won’t apologize, do whatever you want” Her response made Kangana furious and she called her the weakest contestant on the show. “I think you are the most irresponsible and weakest contestant on the show and I can have 50 more contestants,” Kangana said. After listening to this, Saisha started packing her bag saying, “I’m not leaving the show, Kangana is kicking me out.”


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