Ex-Hong Kong anti-graft investigator raises questions over gift hampers for immigration officials

The question of whether two senior Hong Kong immigration officials breached anti-corruption laws by accepting gift hampers from an Evergrande executive director depends on whether the mainland company has had official dealings with the department such as visa applications, according to a former investigator.

The Shangri-La gift hamper. Photo: internet.

Stephen Char, a barrister and former principal investigator for the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), also said during an RTHK radio interview on Thursday that the public may question whether the hampers which the officials received from an Evergrande executive director, whom they called a “close personal friend,” were paid for by the director personally or by the company.

The director’s driver was caught on camera delivering the hampers to the Immigration Department’s second in command and a principal immigration officer at their homes, days before this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Stand News reported on Wednesday. The hampers were officially priced at HK$3,388 each, exceeding the permissible amount of HK$3,000 under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance.

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