Dr Fauci clarifies previous comment regarding airline vaccine mandates

On TSWT The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer On Monday, alternate host Jim Acosta met Dr Anthony Fauci, a day after turning heads with his comments on vaccination warrants for air travel when he was a guest on TSWT News this week.

When host Jonathan Karl asked if he agreed with President Biden that there shouldn’t be a vaccine requirement for domestic air travel, Fauci’s response was not total agreement.

“Well, it depends on what you want to use it for,” Fauci said. “A vaccine requirement for a person getting on the plane is just another level to get people to have a mechanism that would encourage them to get vaccinated; namely, you cannot get on a plane unless you are vaccinated, which is just another way to get any requirements. So I mean, anything that could get people vaccinated more would be welcome. “

On Monday on TSWT, Fauci had the opportunity to elaborate further when Acosta asked him about these comments and similar comments he made recently on the subject.

“What I said, Jim, is whatever comes out as a possibility, we put it on the table and we consider it. That doesn’t mean it’s likely going to happen,” Fauci said. . “Right now, I don’t think people should expect domestic flights to be mandatorily vaccinated. When I was asked that question, I gave an honest answer. It’s on. the table, and we’re thinking about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

Fauci, who is the White House’s chief medical adviser, went on to say things would need to change dramatically for vaccine warrants to be seriously considered for domestic air travel. But when pressed further on how his position on the issue compares to others in the White House, Fauci said it was not about having a position.

– Let’s clarify that, Jim. I said this is something that is open to review. It’s not about being supportive or not. I am in favor of what we can do to keep the country safe, ”Fauci said. “If the situation arises where it’s something that we think is important to do, we will do it. At the moment, this is not going to be done. But we never take anything off the table. We are always keeping things open for review.

In an era when flights are canceled or delayed in record numbers during the holidays, potential vaccine warrants for domestic air travel have been a hot topic. And on TSWT tonight later that evening, flight attendants union president Sara Nelson said she was open to the idea, with a few exceptions.

“It’s been difficult because we haven’t been tracking vaccinations in this country, so it would be a difficult logistical thing to implement, and we don’t want it to be just the airlines or the frontline workers. to make it work, ”Nelson says. “But I am more determined than ever to work with this government to find the logistical means to put this in place, because it is a safety issue in our workplace.”

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