DJ Carey’s sister Catriona accused of running mortgage scam in RTE Investigates documentary

Dj Carey’s sister, former Ireland hockey and inter-county camogie star Catriona Carey, has been accused of running a mortgage scam in the latest RTE Investigates special.

‘RTE Investigates -The Accountant, The Con, The Lies’ alleges that Carey took thousands from victims close to repossession of their family homes while also revealing that she has a previous conviction for fraud.

In tonight’s documentary, it’s revealed that under English-registered company Careysfort Asset Estates Ltd, Carey claimed that the company had acquired several clients’ debt and issued new lower mortgage-like loans to in-debt homeowners.

However, Careysfort Asset Estates would require a deposit of usually between 10% and 30% of the proposed new loan.

But clients of the company have made complaints to Gardai as none of their final contracts have been presented to be signed and Careysfort Asset Estates still has client deposits which, according to the initial agreement, were refundable.

People have requested their deposits back but they have not been repaid.

Alleged victim Sharon O’Riordan described the alleged scam as: “Just a dirty rotten thing for any human to do to another. I know there’s lots of bad things happening out there. There’s no need for this to happen. Please God, she won’t get away with doing it to someone else who might not be able to handle the destruction that can follow.”

A lleged victim Miriam Tormey: “I do suffer from depression and they put it under a magnifying glass times 100. That has been hard really, really hard. They treated us like fools and we aren’t. We’re just trying to get our lives back on track. It’s more than money. It’s that it’s our lives.”

The documentary revealed that Catriona Carey has a conviction under the theft and fraud offences act.

She was convicted in February 2020 for theft of €6,948 and for forging a cheque from a Kilkenny hairdresser who had hired her as his accountant. She was given an eight-month suspended prison sentence.

RTE Investigates said: “Catriona Carey told RTÉ Investigates that she could not speak about any client due to strict confidentiality clauses. She denied that her company had falsely used the name of a solicitor. She also said her company has funds to cover all client deposits, but was not advised to refund clients at this point.”

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