Director T Suriavelan’s first exclusive interview on Naam 2 Series

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Q: Is Nagamalini part of Name 2?

A: Yes. Nagamalani is an intergal part of the story. Her introduction to Naam2 sets the tone for the series and what happens next as the story unfolds.

Q: Where is Shiva?

A: When we last saw Shiva, he was a fugitive. His story continues in Season 2. Will he get his justice? Watch the series to find out.

Q: New characters and their importance?

A: The new characters add depth and suspense to the existing plot. We have tried to keep things recognizable and to keep you on the edge of your seat. An emotionally driven performance awaits you in the new season of the show.

Q: Reveal the mask and forest atmosphere in the title?

A: As cryptic as it gets on the title reveal, the forest has its secrets as much as the mask hides its own. Everything will be revealed when the first episodes air.

Q: Posters and are subliminal messages?

A: There are many clues to the story in each poster. We left little Easter eggs for fans of the show to discover. Certain posters require close scrutiny to sift and sift clues. A holistic and interactive experience between Naam fans and our team.

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