COVID-19 outbreak at The Ashes; Reports isolation time for COVID-19 cases to be slashed

An expert has backed moves by the USA to cut quarantine for COVID-19 positive cases to five days.

Professor Peter Collignon said it’s a balance between people being less infectious and the other costs of the rules such as economic impact.

He said changes need to be made more proportionate to risk, with only unvaccinated people most likely to become very ill.

There are reports Australia is considering the move.

“Day five is somewhat arbitrary but it’s at a level when your infectious dose and your ability to infect others is markedly lower for the majority of people,” he told Today.

“And that’s why they’ve picked that number.

“It could have been four days or seven days but every day you pick has both personal and economic consequences and you want to make the risk very low but you can’t necessarily make it zero for everybody. “

“You can’t eliminate COVID anymore.

“We need to keep the numbers down as low as we can but without, if you like, paralysing people and the economy.”

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