Chris Pratt unveils monstrous new Lego dinosaur sculpture ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ – find out how it was built (exclusive)

Once again, Lego finds a way… to create stunning oversized sculptures. The latest from the toy company brickbuster is a Jurassic World: Dominion dinosaur head that was unveiled on the Today show during an appearance by the film’s star, Chris Pratt. And Yahoo Entertainment has your exclusive look at how this 3,000 pound monster was built at Lego Headquarters. Watch the time-lapse video above to see how the Domination dino came to life.

While Jurassic fans can watch the multi-step process in one minute, it took around 2,000 hours for Lego’s Ace Sculpting Team to design and build this particular sculpture from nearly 200,0000 bricks. As for the glow you’ll see behind the T. rex’s head, it’s the result of nearly 20,000 translucent bricks that are illuminated from inside the construct.

Chris Pratt unveils a life-size LEGO Jurassic World Dominion T. rex sculpture on the Today Pin up. (Photo by Jason DeCrow/Invision for NBCUniversal and LEGO/TSWT Images)

It’s a big job, but Lego knew it had to pull out all the stops for what could be the final installment in a franchise that’s been roaring at the box office since Steven Spielberg’s first installment in 1993. TodayPratt said that Domination effectively concludes the series by bringing the legacy jurassic park cast – including Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum – and the jurassic world Gear up together for a globe-trotting adventure as humanity makes its last stand against an evolving army of dinosaurs.

“I really think this is the end,” says the actor, who headlines Domination next to the back jurassic world stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Justice Smith, plus newcomer DeWanda Wise. (Pratt also revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 shoots his final scenes this week, marking the end of his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.) And with the end in sight, Pratt looked back wistfully on his first trip to jurassic park when he was a 13-year-old movie buff.

Pratt clowns around with a Lego T. rex on the Today show.  (Photo by Jason DeCrow/Invision for NBCUniversal and LEGO/AP Images)

Pratt clowns around with a Lego T. rex on the Today Pin up. (Photo by Jason DeCrow/Invision for NBCUniversal and LEGO/TSWT Images)

“These people were ingrained in my mind like icons, so working with them was a dream come true,” he says of the Neill, Dern and Goldblum trio. Pratt also promised that Domination will take the franchise out with a bang, including a motorcycle chase that calls them “one of the craziest action sequences I’ve ever been in.” Hoping he can take the Lego sculpture home as a trophy for saving the world.

Jurassic World: Dominion premieres June 10 in theaters.

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