Cheers as Tamil asylum seeker family touches down in Biloela; US Capitol riots hearings open; Massive queues at airports for long weekend travel; Road safety warning ahead of Queen’s Birthday weekend; WA approves US equity giant acquisition of Crown Resorts

The Murugappan family, also known as the Nadesalingam family, shed tears of joy as they were welcomed back to the Biloela community in Queensland.

Supporters of the Tamil family gathered on the tarmac awaiting their arrival, cheering and waving “welcome home” signs as they got off the plane.

“Me and my family is very happy,” Priya Murugappan said.

“Again, it’s hard to imagine it, back to my community Bilo.”

She said after four years of travelling and detention, the family holds great love for the community that supported them.

“My strong love, everything, (to) my community and Australian people, (to) my family (for) helping,” she said.

“Happy for all in Bilo, our wonderful friends.”

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