Charu Asopa wins internet for ‘showing guts’ in daughter Ziana’s illness, netizens say ‘great respect…’

Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen’s wife Charu Asopa has won the support of netizens. Several people have expressed support for the actress via social media about her troubled marriage to Sen. Charu recently posted a vlog opening up about their daughter Ziana who suffered from hand, foot and mouth disease.

In her vlog, Asopa shared how she struggled to understand Ziana’s concern, and she was petrified by the fact that Ziana was constantly crying. However, she managed to take her to the doctor and take care of her like a loving mother. Charu stated that she had to solve that critical situation all by herself, and that won the netizens.

Watch the video here

Shortly after the video, several users supported the actress and were praised for being a strong woman. One user claimed: “Felt every word of yours! Your voice choked with pain! You are a woman and now a mother, this is enough to fight the world!! I pass you more strength.” Another user added: “It’s not just about new moms, it’s about every mom. Every mom has to be strong. Different stages of life come with different challenges.” A netizen added: “Don’t panic Charu. A woman becomes stronger when she becomes a mother. B strong. Forgive and forget the past. Stay happy with Rajeev n Ziana. Much love from Coorg.” Another netizen added: “At such a young age, she has so much maturity, heaps of respect for you, charu…the phrase you said ‘don’t panic if you’re in a difficult situation, keep calm , take a few deep breaths and you automatically start finding solutions “very true and worth following.”

One of the users criticized Rajeev, adding: “As a husband, as a father, he is not doing well, he has to be there when his only daughter is unwell, as a father he does nothing for his daughter if you bring him a child in this world it is the responsibility of both parents to take care of them nurturing and upbringing it is not only the mother’s responsibility Very proud of charu she is an excellent wonderful mother hats off to her God bless both More power for charu.” For the inexperienced, Charu and Rajeev are reportedly ending their marriage.


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