Brazilian footballer sacked after scoring scandalous own goal – Doha News

Midfielder Julio Campos appeared to intentionally score in his own team’s net at the second division of the Amazonas State Championship.

Down 3-1 at the 89th minute to Sul America, Campos unexpectedly shot at his goal after receiving a back pass from his team.

The midfielder who plays for Atletico Amazonense upped his team’s loss to 4-1, submitting the team to an embarrassing defeat.

Atletico Amazonense released a statement on social media, addressing the actions of Campos as serious sabotage.

Campos has been suspended from the squad as the club claims the midfielder was set to fix the game from the very beginning.

“The athlete’s unethical attitude buried any yearning for our team and made it clear that the athlete from the beginning of the match was determined to sabotage his own team. It sounds clear to us that there is a strong indication of acting for result manipulation,” stated the club.

The club vowed that the actions of Campos and other involved individuals would face severe consequences as the club raised suspicions of manipulation within the league.

State prosecutors had been asked to launch an investigation into alleged match-fixing by Atletico Amazonense.

“We present to TJD / AM the request for impugnment of the match, because there is no doubt that there was a particular event with an influence on the outcome of the match, subtracting us the possibility of fighting for access,” the club said.

It’s unclear who else has been indicated in the suspensions other than Campos, but more details are expected to be revealed as the investigation rolls out.

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