Best of HKFP 2021: Top 12 features and our most popular stories

Our features in 2021 documented Hong Kong’s transformation under the shadow of the Beijing-enacted national security law. We spoke with people who left the city for the UK, filmmakers and book publishers who grappled with censorship fears, and local and mainland Chinese Wikipedia administrators fighting to set the narrative of key events in the 2019 protests.

We also told the story of Hong Kong’s diminishing manufacturing sector, siu mai fanatics who paid tribute to their favourite street food by launching its own encyclopaedia, and couples experimenting with the controversial lifestyle of polyamory.

1. Exclusive: Inside the Hong Kong govt’s multi-million dollar US lobbying operation

The HKETO held frequent business events in the US. Photo: HEKTO Washington DC via Flickr.

As pro-democracy figures face ongoing criticism over their connections to powerful figures in Washington, an investigation by HKFP revealed the extent to which the Hong Kong government used its considerable financial clout – and latitude granted under the Basic Law – to fund an extensive lobbying effort in the United States.

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