Best movies, TV series and documentaries to stream this month


Luxe Listings Sydney series 2 Original (1 April)

Australia’s top estate agents let cameras follow their personal and work lives in a golden era for Sydney property.

Hacks (1 April)

Ava, a 25-year-old writer, is forced to work with old-school comedian Deborah in Vegas after she is cancelled for a bad taste tweet.

Verdict Original (15 April)

Brazilian lawyer Heloísa takes on an extremely dangerous case, defending one of the country’s most notorious criminals.

Outer Range Original (15 April)

When a mysterious portal is discovered in the wilds of Wyoming, the fight between warring neighbours reaches crisis point.

Jean Smart in Hacks (Photo: HBO/Amazon)

Bang Bang Baby Original (28 April)

An Italian drama about a young girl obsessed with the 80s who accidentally gets involved with the Milan mafia.

Undone series 2 Original (29 April)

Alma digs deeper into her family’s past, and enlists her sister Becca to help her uncover long-hidden secrets.


Joe Bell (1 April)

Mark Wahlberg plays the eponymous Joe, who walked across the US as an anti-bullying campaign. Based on a true story.

I, Robot (1 April)

Set in 2035, a police officer investigates a murder he thinks was committed by a robot.

Speed (2 April)

A bomb is placed aboard a bus and will go off if the vehicle goes slower than 50 miles per hour.

More from Television

All the Old Knives Original (8 April)

A spy thriller which sees two agent revisit a six year old case in Vienna, where a colleague’s true identity was exposed.

It Takes Three (15 April)

In an effort to woo the new girl in school, a popular boy hires a geek to makeover his social media accounts.

I Love America Original (29 April)

A woman moves from Paris to LA in search of love, and finds herself along the way.

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