Australian TV personality John Burgess discharged from Perth hospital

Australian television personality and radio presenter John Burgess has been discharged from hospital after a week battling a serious bacterial infection and blood poisoning.

The former TV host, best known for his role on Wheel of Fortune in the ’80s and ’90s and Burgo’s Catch Phrase has spoken out, describing the ordeal.

John Burgess
John was such an integral part of ‘Catchphrase’ that the series was re-titled as ‘Burgo’s Catch Phrase’. (Nine)

Burgess originally presented to the emergency room at the Royal Perth Hospital last Tuesday after reporting feelings of lightheadedness.

The 78-year-old was later diagnosed with a blood infection.

Mr Burgess said he’s feeling significantly better than when first diagnosed. (Nine)

“Passing out mid-speech, or just going to sleep. I couldn’t get up off the bed,” he said.

Given the green light to leave the hospital, he’s now being cared for by his wife.

“From the condition I arrived when I was in last Tuesday, to what I am in today, you wouldn’t recognise me as the same person,” Burgess said.

Doctors are yet to determine the source of the infection, but said if left untreated it might have caused sepsis, leading to organ failure, tissue damage or death.

The radio presenter was put on several rounds of antibiotics to treat the infection.

“I don’t mind telling you, it’s been a bit of a fright, not just for me but my beautiful wife, Jan, who’s been fantastic,” Burgess said.

Mr Burgess has left the hospital and is being cared for by his wife Jan. (Nine)

He said while he was feeling better, he was unsure when he would return to work, adding thanks to supporters over the last week.

“I’m hoping to be back on the radio on Saturday but we will have to wait and see. I’m going home now with my fiercest critic my wife, so she’ll be in charge,” Burgess said.

“This has been a wake up call to make sure I look after myself and heed the warning signs and be here for a few more years.”

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