A$TSWT Rocky apparently overshadows Chris Brown in new song featuring Rihanna in music video

A$TSWT Rocky Shows His Undying Love For Rihanna In Music Video For New Song “DMB”

The couple, who are imminently expecting their first child together, showcase their romance in the video which ends in a wedding. The song, an acronym for “that’s my b****”, also has Rocky appearing to shade Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown for abusing her in 2009.

Rihanna and A$TSWT Rocky in the music video for “DMB” (Screenshot: A$TSWT Rocky/VEVO)

“Proud 2 announces the release of my first DMB video as a director,” Rocky (real name: Rakim Mayers) wrote on social media along with images of the duo appearing in the video. “The video is out now!!! Thank you $2 to everyone involved who helped and 2 special thanks to my lady for the motivation and the role.”

In the “Ghetto Love Tale” set in Harlem, he raps, “I got a penthouse, see the Bronx Zoo/I got a townhouse with a view of the city/I got a sound surround with the top down / Drive through Allerton to Soundview / I was lost then, but I found you.”

(Screenshot: A$AP Rocky/VEVO)

(Screenshot: A$TSWT Rocky/VEVO)

Unfortunately for Rihanna fans waiting for new songs, she doesn’t sing, but she has a big presence nonetheless. The love match is seen having wine on the fire escape with a block party below, from footage captured last summer before she became pregnant. And it’s all haute couture, just like their style. Rocky sings his beloved’s praises for, among other things, rolling his blunts, keeping an eye on his gun and ammo and having “bank accounts…with big sums, s*** you couldn’t count.”

He also appears to overshadow her ex-boyfriend Brown, who was convicted of felony assault after assaulting her while they were dating, when he sings “I don’t beat my b*** *, I need my b**** / She cleans my crib, she feeds my friends / She keeps my secret, she keeps my fridge stocked, my freezer on.”

Other scenes show Rocky being sent to prison multiple times – and the loyal Ri is waiting for him each time he’s released. In real life, Rocky was recently arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. It is alleged that the rapper shot another man in November, grazing the victim’s hand.

Another highlight is that Rocky and Rihanna are apparently getting married. They are all dressed up – she is in a red dress with a veil and he is in a suit. He smiles and his grill states: “Marry me?”

(Screenshot: A$AP Rocky/VEVO)

(Screenshot: A$TSWT Rocky/VEVO)

She responds with her own smile saying, “Yes.” It ends with them walking down the hall under a shower of rose petals and the couple sharing a kiss, seemingly as newlyweds.

(Screenshot: A$AP Rocky/VEVO)

(Screenshot: A$TSWT Rocky/VEVO)

The release of the song comes at a crucial time for the couple as they are expecting their first child. However, rumors swirled about the status of their relationship, with designer Amina Muaddi putting to rest the “vile” rumor of a Rocky affair. Things seemed on track as the couple sent him off to his native Barbados for a pre-baby visit, but he was later arrested when they landed, via private jet, in Los Angeles.

Rocky and Rihanna go back a long way but started dating just before the pandemic shut down. They said their time together bonded them – and they went on a cross-country road trip together.

Since his arrest, she supported him during his last show, watching the show from the side of the stage. They also threw a baby shower, apparently rave-themed.

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