Anushka Sharma Shares ‘Best Memories’ From Maldives Vacation With Virat Kohli and Vamika

Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli and Vamika recently flew to the Maldives for a brief vacation on the beautiful island. Anushka already misses the time she spent there with her loved ones, despite the fact that they had only been back for a few days. His latest post on Instagram is proof of that.

Anushka has just posted a video on Instagram detailing her experiences during her trip to the Maldives. The actress was visible in the film pedaling her bike near where they were staying. The young mother also carried Vamika behind her. The actress can be seen briefly in the film cycling for several days on a wooden bridge over water. She is seen wearing attractive swimsuits and clothes in a variety of colors including orange, pink, and white. She included Bloom from The Paper Kites in her share of the video.

Watch the video here:


Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar recently, the Zero actress called her industry a rat race and said she’s more than just a rat. “My industry is ‘Run, run, run, it’s a rat race,’ and you just have to be a part of it. But I’m more than a rat in a rat race. I want to enjoy my life,” says Sharma.

“I love acting in movies, I love being in a room full of creative people, discussing ideas, finding ways to do a scene and thinking about how the audience will react to it. It’s all so enjoyable, I never want That’s why I had to make a sacrifice,” the actress added.


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