‘A wake up call’: Hong Kong police officer suspended over alleged harassment, as woman urges others to come forward

A woman who was allegedly harassed and followed home by a police officer has urged others who might have experienced same behaviour to report it. It comes after the Force suspended the 26-year-old pending an investigation.

A video shot by the woman showed the man apologising and fleeing after he allegedly followed her upstairs and asked her to be his mistress. In the comments section of the online clip, several other woman claim to have had encounters with him.

One said in the comments: “If this is the same person which I’m almost certain it is, he was stalking me over the summer in Sai Ying Pun on my top apartment on Second Street. He would frequently come up to my roof, tried to get into my apartment and left me inappropriate objects and notes. I got the police involved several times but without evidence, it was hard to catch him or stop it.”

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