777 Charlie’s Twitter Review: Rakshit Shetty’s Movie Wows Audiences, Fans Say ‘It’s Not a Movie, It’s an Emotion’

777 Charlie Twitter Review: 777 Charlie, which sparked a lot of curiosity across the country, was finally released today, June 10, in cinemas in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Rakshit Shetty, the Kannada star and producer who plays the lead role in the film, received rave reviews for his performance in the film and is also appreciated for bringing a touching story to the audience.

The main character Dharma (played by Rakshit Shetty) was inspired by the character Dharmayara from the Mahabharata where Dharmaraya reaches heaven alone and a dog follows him. He makes sure the dog goes to heaven. Similarly, in the film, the dog takes Dharma to heaven.

Rakshit is known for his experiences in Kannada cinema and hopes to make his pan-Indian debut with this film. The story of a dog is the main “USP” of the film.

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Kannada moviegoers appreciate the film crew as 777 Charlie is expected to leave a mark nationwide after KGF: Chapter 2.

Meanwhile, some early reviews on Twitter for 777 Charlie will have you wanting to check the movie out in theaters right away.

“#777Charlie A heart-warming film.. About the bond between a man and his dog.. A journey of self-discovery.. Fantastic acting from @rakshitshetty Especially the emotional climax.. #777Charlie dog deserves an acting award,” business analyst Ramesh Bala wrote on Twitter.

“Such a touching movie!! #777Charlie #777CharlieIncinemas,” one user tweeted. “It was extremely emotional, my eyes filled with tears at times. Nicely portrayed the EMOTIONAL b/w (dog emoji) and (man emoji) connection throughout the movie. carries a good msg @777CharlieMovie #777Charlie # 777charlieinCinemas,” wrote another.

Check out some tweets below:

Earlier in a chat with IANS, Rakshit Shetty said that audiences will have a surreal experience in the film. “It’s a different genre from the Baahubali and KGF series films. They were larger than life films. Even Pushpa is a commercial film. 777 Charlie is closer to life. It’s a film you can relate to. ‘identify in real life,’ Rakshit says. .

“I had my doubts about how it was going to go nationally. However, I know there are dog lovers all over the country. We shot for 167 days and spent 3 years for the film . It’s a very hard job to make a dog movie. Even our same team can’t do it again.”

Rakshit says the Indian entertainment industry has the global market at its disposal. It’s not that every movie has to be pan-Indian, if the script and content are rooted in the ground, they can be screened all over the world.

Speaking of Charlie, the dog, he says, she (the dog) came into my life at the right time. Dharma’s character is introverted, which has similarities to my personal character.

“I’m a quiet person, I don’t socialize. Throughout 777 Charlie’s journey, self-exploration began within me. Charlie, the dog came as a divine entity. Innocence is as good as God himself. The audience will feel that she is a divine entity,” he explained.


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