5 years of Hong Kong under Carrie Lam – how many promises have been kept?

Carrie Lam took office as Hong Kong’s leader on July 1, 2017, after winning 777 votes from a 1,200-member Election Committee.

In the five years since, the city has experienced great upheavals, including the protests and unrest of 2019, Beijing’s sweeping national security legislation and election overhaul, and the Covid-19 pandemic – the fifth and worst wave of which has disturbed the leadership race.

President Xi Jinping (right) swears in Chief Executive Carrie Lam at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on July 1, 2017. Photo: GovHK.

Having worked for more than 40 years in Hong Kong government, including as a high ranking official since 2007, what has this experienced civil servant brought to the table during times of difficulty? And how many of her election promises have stood the test of time?

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